I am the Lead Pastor of 290 Community Church in Cypress, Texas.

Leading a church is a sacred trust. The Church is called to proclaim the Gospel—the Gospel story is a story of a King and His Kingdom.  At the pinnacle of creation, this King created man in His image.  He created people to love them andLogo_1_tag relate with them freely.  Freedom is the only basis for a true love relationship.  Instead of responding in love, man chose to scorn the King’s love.  This is sin.  Sin always creates bondage.  Sin also creates separation.  This sin choice of man marred the image of God in all people and all of creation.  The King set in motion a plan that would not only restore God’s image but also lead to the restoration of all the world.  This King had a son, His name is Jesus.  King Jesus honored His Father through a perfect life.  His words and His works satisfied God’s wrath and made it possible for people to become a part of the Kingdom once again.  People began to embrace the King.  There are people who know the King on every continent and the story of this Kingdom is growing.  We are all waiting for the return of the King.  Until that day comes or we meet Him, we proclaim this story of redemption, restoration of people back to their King and creation back to its King.

Despres-110I am a Family Man.

At Columbia International University I met Allison. We fell in love and married in 1993, convinced that we could bring God more glory together than we ever did apart. Along the way God grew our family with four “homegrown” kids, Seth, Sean, Sophie, Sawyer, and our youngest, “grafted in” from China in 2011, Sienna.

We exist to bring glory to God by deepening our passion for Christ daily, by loving each other in understanding and sharpening ways, by shepherding our kids with authenticity and intentional hilariousness, and by encouraging people by our lives to be shrewd, culturally-redeeming and world-focused.

I have made it a goal to read extensively. I enjoy all kinds of sports. I coach my kids. We enjoy regular family game nights where sometimes I let them win at Apples to Apples, Snorta, Hullabaloo, Settlers of Catan, and Uno. We love our neighbors and enjoy regular street gatherings.  I have taken up the wonderful discipline of CrossFit and am sore most days.

I am on a Spiritual Journey.

Growing up as the youngest of 6 kids in Massillon, Ohio was a real treat for me. Although God was not the center of my life, or my family’s life, He was esteemed from my earliest memories in prayer. The Lord ’s Prayer and Hail Mary were regularly recited at bedtime. Although raised in Catholic tradition, I never grasped what it meant to have a “personal” relationship with the Lord nor heard the term “Christian” until I was 13 years old. I inherited having sports as the number one priority in my life. After the near tragic incident of Three Mile Island, my dad’s company closed and he had to look for work. The job search took him, and thus our family, to Wilmington, NC. I was in my formative teen years, which proved to be quite tumultuous for my worldview.   Leaving friends in Ohio, as well as an Despres-172established spot on every sport team, I sunk into a shyness and fear of relating to people. I found significance through excelling in sports, and once again began to make a name for myself. As I was about to become the first person at my school to ever play four sports in a single year, my dad unavoidably had to relocate for a new position.  In one weekend’s time, my world was turned upside down again. In retrospect, God was taking all that I loved and trusted out of my hands. It was in Raleigh, NC, through the ministry of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) that I learned what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ. I trusted Christ personally during tenth grade. God opened my eyes to my need for Him over anything else. As a Christian I fervently pursued athletics, but right alongside of that was a stronger hunger to grow as a Christian and tell others about Christ. That passion to know God and make Him known continued to stir my heart. My calling was confirmed in college when my Bible study leader and I came to the conclusion that I should follow this passion and head to seminary in pursuit of training and direction concerning God’s will for my life.

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  1. Very proud of you Greg. I remember you as a young guy, during those formative years in Wilmington. I know your parents are beaming at both You and Adrian’s ministries. Well done, young man, and God bless.