Adrenaline and Stress (Dallas: Word Publishing, 1995)

Typically I read books for others, with them in mind. Each time I picked this book up to read I was the nail being hammered. A seemingly perfect read for this point in my journey. Nearly every chapter echoed, “I never knew that!” The most eye opening concept to me was the difference between good stress and bad stress. Having experienced a major ministry blow recently, no one would have been able to convince me that this was less harmful than staying in a high energy ministry. Hart assures that even good things can cause bad stress (13). The stress that kills is not the bad stress. In fact the stress that does us in is the stress of challenge, high-energy output and over commitment (54). Like a good “Aha!” moment Dr. Hart eloquently scripted these concepts over and over again. The human body doesn’t distinguish between whether a stressor is from within or from without the body- it responds the same in either case (25). Like revving up a car engine can actually be good for the engine in moderation but constant redlining of the engine will cause too much carbon build up. The engine and our bodies actually age faster (27). It is not enough to eat right and keep cholesterol down (28). Adrenaline and stress must be managed.


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