Grit to Great (New York City: Crown Business, 2015)

You have heard of the wonderful best seller Good to Great by Jim Collins.  Such a great book encouraging leaders with strategic principles:

  • First Who, Then What– Getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats.
  • Find your Hedgehog– Stick to the thing you do best.
  • Push your Flywheel– Stick to the work and watch what happens.


Books are great.  Leaders are readers.  Sometimes when time is short, reading is the first to be cut. It doesn’t have to be that way.  Leadership Book Summaries are a great way to learn the main meat of the book in a timely fashion.

Why Grit Matters — How do you catch up in the game of life when you aren’t blessed with perfect scores on your SAT, an Ivy League education, or a family fortune to give you a head start? Passion and perseverance matter more than intelligence when it comes to being successful. The endgame belongs to the truly diligent, not the merely talented. It
belongs to those who have grit.

The Talent Myth — Achievement in any field takes a huge degree of effort and hard work. Talent alone is overrated.

Ditch the Dream — While the dreamers are still sleeping, the doers are taking victory laps because they had the sense to wake up and get to work.

Lose the Safety Net — The great Nik Wallenda showed us all how to meet your fears head on.  If you wait to act in a situation until it’s risk-free, what you’re really risking is a lifetime frozen at the starting line.

Get into Wait Training — Why do some reach for Cheetos rather than their running shoes?  Hard work is the secret.  Those who have grit are willing to wait and see how hard work can make a difference.

Bend like Bamboo — The ability to turn enormous obstacles around is less about having the strength of a sturdy oak
and more about having the flexibility of a slim stalk of bamboo that will sway even in the gentlest breeze.

No Expiration Date — The brain is like a muscle that, with exercise, becomes stronger. And its plasticity and growth are fueled by learning new tasks and taking on new challenges. It’s only when we don’t use our intellect that it begins to waste away.

Grit for Good — What it takes to make the world a better place requires a great deal of hard work—long hours, little or
no pay, sometimes toiling in harsh environments at great risk with little measurable success in sight.

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