The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: And How to Overcome Them in Yourself and Others (2014)

Every leader will encounter the good, bad, and ugly aspects of human nature and behavior. Both in themselves and others that they rub shoulders. In the 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership, Morrissey sets out to give insight and provide a plan for dealing with each of the “sins”. He does it in three ways; each chapter has a self-assessment (ignorance is a death sentence for any leader as it eliminates the option to take action effectively), an understanding the behavior section (each leadership sin manifests itself in certain behaviors, each chapter deals with these separately), and a taking action section (once we have laid the groundwork for understanding ourselves and our behavior, we can take steps to becoming a more effective leader).  Finally, he offers the “grey area.”  Use with caution as the suggestion may be a bit risky.   Morrissey is quick to say that some of the book may or may not relate to each person but he leaves a caveat, if you don’t relate now, beware you may in the future. This is a resource that can be revisited throughout one’s career.  The chapter titles are:

  1. Gluttony– No Delegation.  Micromanagement. Refusal to Simplify.
  2. Pride– Never Listens. Lacks Trust.  Poor Hiring & Promoting.
  3. Greed– Money Focus, Indecisive with No Priorities, Lack of Communication.
  4. Lust– Lack of Follow Through, Short-Term Focus, Constant Reorganization.
  5. Sloth– Lies, Focus on Little Things, No Passion, No Creativity,
  6. Envy– Perfectionist, Irrational Comparison.
  7. Wrath– Anger, Prohibit Mistakes & Foster Blame, Focus on Negative.

As I work through this book, I will be providing updates.  So far it is a great read, very simple.  There is a list in Proverbs 6:16-19 that captures the essence of these sins, the closest New Testament parallel is found in Galatians 5:19-20.  The 7 Deadly Sins came from Pope Gregory in the 6th Century.  These became cemented into Catholic Church doctrine ever since.   So far the origins of the 7 Deadly sins have not been brought up in this book.  This is a management/leadership book from a secular perspective using these 7 Deadly Sins terminology.

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