June 18- Prayer is the Work Aid

If we don't realize life is war, we won't know what Prayer is for.

Lord please make _________ path straight as they return home from a wonderful NYFLO ministry experience.

Each person on this team has experienced training, challenges, opportunities and fears.  Each component of what we did is essentially a tool for them/us to take back and apply in Houston.

We do not focus on a week long trip but we train and go on an experience like NYFLO to help equip us for a life time of service for God.


Social Media- Helping or Hurting the goal?

A Poll that maybe worth talking about!

We were talking the other day about how phones used to be connected to cords from the kitchen.  We thought it was crazy that my mom had a phone in her car, still had a cord but it looked like a brick.  Phones have really developed, but social media has skyrocketed.

Social media has helped businesses reach more customers, ministries reach out to more people, friends who move away reach out and touch one another with greater ease than ever before.

But the question remains, “Does Social Media make us more social or less social?”