Day 3- Sunday Happenings

Randy Jones Preaching, Staten Island Ferry Conversations, 9/11 Memorial, Times Square Church

Allison and Sophie

Dana and Ethan

Randy Jones Giving a Summary of How to Know God’s Will (Instant Classic)

From the Heart of Randy Jones

Today was a physically trying day for me.  We went to Battery Park and had a gathering of our church.  I taught a lesson on knowing God’s will according to the scriptures.  Evangelism on the Staten Island Ferry was followed by an emotionally draining visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  We finished the evening at Times Square Church where my soul was renewed by testimonies of Gods power to free people held in bondage.  Over and over I see Gods faithfulness in the midst of our weakness.

From the Heart of Zach Jones

Today our group took a quick round trip ferry ride to Staten Island .  We then went to the 9/11 memorial  for a tour of the museum and a few photos.  Once we got back, our group did a 15 minute devotional and prayed before heading to Times Square for the second time.  The group walked through the city until we found the Times Square church.  The Times Square church is an interdenominational church with powerful speakers and wonderful music. After hearing people share their stories about how they became Christians, we closed with prayer, and a few more songs. Finally, to finish the night, we ate dinner at the magnificent café!

From the Heart of Ethan Moody

I came to New York I wasn’t feeling too good and come to find out I had tonsillitis. I stayed behind on the first day everyone went out and it was kind of a bummer. My mom and I prayed for those who did go out and also prayed that I would be healthy enough to go and talk to people. Luckily I was able to get better and went to Central Park. I was paired with Scott Bronstad, and we had good conversations with friendly people but didn’t get very spiritual with anyone but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed being able to talk to everyone and learn about people.

Some Incredible Pictures from the DAY– (we saw Elvis)

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One thought on “Day 3- Sunday Happenings

  1. The Beaches are praying for you guys as you minister in the Big Apple. I especially enjoyed the short video clip of Randy Jones discussing the will of God. Indeed, if we are walking with Him, obeying His commandments, loving our neighbor…then by all means, make your choices and move forward in joy. Don’t tie yourself up in knots. Be free — be free, indeed!