Day 6 Recap- So Much to Cover!

Training Videos, Madison Square Park, Union Square Park, Serendipity, and Stuff!

Training Vidoes-

Each training before the trip and each morning we were here in NYC our team went through a strategic Training that can be transferred to others.

The Mission statement for 290 Community Church says, “We exist to exalt Christ by Making Disciples that Make Disciples.”

These are very short and succinct videos that give an overview of our training.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

So much to cover in pictures.  The girls here are leading a Bible Study from 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 (inside joke was they had to talk over a lawnmower and over a school’s outdoor music next door, they were troopers and we all had a laugh).  Encouragement is so important.  Such a powerful time writing down notes about what we have seen God do in our friends and families’ life.  Most folks keep their  notes for a long, long time.  We wanted to see two totally different parks with two totally different feels, one park is Madison Square Park and the other is Union Square Park.  Union Square is a total assortment of eclectic beliefs and free thinking (Free Advice, 6’7″ Jewish rappers, Hare Krishnah’s, Jesus Poster carriers).  We finished the evening at Serendipity and all enjoyed the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.

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