Day of Worship and Sweet Times

Times Square and Bryant Park

Ministry is a blast.  Ministry that is done for God will never lack all that God has for us.  Don’t let the devil remind you of who you are, don’t let the world, don’t let your flesh, don’t try to figure yourself out and remind yourself of your own identity, the devil hates you and you tend to talk way to negatively about yourself.  It is not your standing, or your circumstances or sufferings but WE MUST LET JESUS AND HIS WORD DEFINE WHO WE ARE.

Alex White Share after Times Square Church


Jeff King

God blessed us with the opportunity today to disciple a believer in Christ. Through hope, each of us were inspired by the gift of discipleship to continue to grow and further the Kingdom of God.

Scott Bronstad

Such fun! Enjoyed Bryant park… Met with Brian king and watched him playing ping pong while talking with a gal from Paris. Got talk with Brian about the church and how he feels burned by the hippocrites. We’re hanging out tonight and giving him a picture of community.

James Deguzman

God revealed to me to keep my eyes focused completely on Jesus.  That I am successful in God through Christ Jesus.  God opened my eyes to the fields that are white for harvest.

Gabe Lukish

What a breakthrough today in the realm of HOPE! Jeff and I met Shannon, who is a fellow believer. We exchanged our stories, where we have been where we are going and how God is leading us! I asked her if she knew how to “grow the kingdom of God”. We were able to plant the seed of discipleship. The prayer we prayed was powerful in wishing the continued HOPE for Shannon and Earnest!


Alex White

Jose and I, had the opportunity to meet several people. One guy named, Fernando, allowed us to sit by him while he was finishing lunch. We talked about why we are in NY and he told us right away that he doesn’t believe in God but he’s open to everything. I had the opportunity to share my story and then he shared his story. He really went deep about his past experience with God. He agreed that he has an inner war in his mind always wondering if a higher power is real. I was able to present Rom. 6:23. He told me he appreciated us stopping to meet with him. We left by praying together. Fernando was hesitant to allow us to pray for him but he said, yes we could pray for him in general. We left feeling encouraged.

Jose Matos

Today we had the privilege of serving God by evangelizing in Central Park. We met people that were answers to our prayers and receptive to our conversations. With God’s guidance, we initiated and engaged with strangers in ways we never would have had the courage to before. We look forward to tomorrow’s opportunities to serve and strengthen the spirit.

Joel Frederick

“How do I share the Gospel of Jesus?” asked Shameed, a man from Trinidad and Tobago today in Bryant park. I was stunned; usually you don’t here people ask that question in New York. Normally they are more concerned with the practical matters, not matters of the spirit. And although Shameed wants to help people also, he was deeply concerned with how to share the way to have a relationship with Jesus. The Lord put an opportunity to share what we have been learning at 290CC before me and gave the words to me through the Spirit. By the end of explaining the four fields training to him, Shameed thanked me and said that he hoped to share it with people that he knows. What a blessing!

Chris Faulkner

Today I shared with a German born and and raised Vietnamese student, here on vacation. He was even a person of peace.  He was playing a great game of ping pong and asked me to wait during rounds so we could catch up between his many rounds. I eventually shared my life story, shared the one verse, and
lastly gave him a small bible and a way to get in touch with me. He was definitely interested, but wanted to learn more. I could see the Lord at work.


Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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