Actually the MOST eventful of all the Travel Days in the History of any Short Term Ministry Trip I have ever Taken...

Travel Days are always extremely tiring.  One quote from the day’s journey is, “Not flying Delta anymore…”  Two days and two flights cancelled….In all of my years in ministry and leading trips, I can honestly say I have never been so frustratingly helpless.  I saw a movie recently where a gentleman was calm and cool under pressure because he knew that stressing out would not help anything.  I have a lot of room to grow but in the end we all made it to the destination.

Dr. Phil Sinitiere gets the MVD (Most Valuable Driver) award.  He woke up and drove us at 3:30 to the airport…Phil is speaking at the 290 Community Church Gathering tomorrow night.  Thanks Phil.


Chris Faulkner wrote a blog that goes deeper into our days events here

Another Most Valuable award goes to Chris and Jennifer Faulkner for having coffee and breakfast tacos ready at 3:30 AM.

There were a lot of firsts today for the team:

  1. Cancelled flights
  2. Coming into Newark
  3. Going through Minneapolis
  4. Riding an Uber from Airport to Hostel
  5. Going to a Yankees game


Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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