From Texas? What do you think about…

Trump, Guns, and Walls???

There are several conversation enders, typically.  Politics and religion tend to halt conversations, unless of course they don’t.  In all my years of engaging folks in NYC parks and in other areas, I never experienced what I have been experiencing here the last couple of days.

One conversation was on a park bench with folks who worshiped Manchester United soccer and another conversation was at Times Square Church.


What do you think of Trump? 

What do you think of guns?

What do you think of Trump’s wall?

Those three stuck out big time.  In every case, those asking were asking in sincerity and not in trying to rouse up angst or animosity.  It didn’t matter that we agreed or disagreed.  I found that amazing really.  I interpret that as us living in very uncertain and uneasy times.   These are the days for the Church to be vocal about the Good News.  I promise many will brush you off but many will be ready to hear “GOOD NEWS” for a change.

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