Highlights from 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership

Quotes that got Highlighted

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership has been a rather good read.  Very simple in its approach.  Here are some quotes that have stood out.


Introduction of the Book-

Ignorance is a death sentence for any leader as it eliminates the option to take action effectively (on Kindle- Location 77).

The Chapter on Gluttony-

The leader finds excessive complexity more useful and satisfying than effective simplicity (p. 3 Location 154).

N0 Delegation- under Gluttony-

Great leaders use delegation as a time management tool for themselves and as a development tool for their team (p. 5 Location 154).

Remember we are looking for flexible ways to maintain control.  One of those is to set deadlines for our team well before the actual deadline which allows us time to review work and determine if anything needs to be reworked, adjusted or added. (p. 14 location 267).

The Chapter on Pride-

A humble leader does not necessarily think less of themselves, but they think of themselves less (p. 33 location 498).

Never Listens – under Pride-

Listening is like oxygen for a leader.  Without it, their team cannot survive and thrive (p. 37 location 538).

Poor Hiring and Promoting- under Pride-

A great leader strives to make themselves obsolete by grooming the next leader from within the team (p. 61 location 912).

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