How To Make Your Wife Happy

50 plus two ways that will do the trick...

Have you ever heard of the statement, “A Happy Wife equals a Happy Life?”  Is it true?  How can anyone argue with it really?  I asked my wife for a couple of ideas and she gave me 2 good ones and then I thought of some others all on my own.

I asked Allison what makes a wife happy and she said, “It really depends on what day it is.”

One day it is chocolate!

One day she wants her man to look her in the eyes and say, “You are the one I am dreaming about.”

Chocolate and eyes.  Do they go together like a Peaches and cream?  Ebony and ivory?  Laurel and Hardy?  Do them both and your wife might have exponential happiness!

Here are 50 additional ideas on making your wife happy.

  1. Verbalize, verbalize, verbalize, I LOVE YOUS often.
  2. Emotionally relate to her kids, your children.  Say, “I love you” to them all the time.  It will make her heart go pitter-patter if you love your children.  Be a father not a babysitter.
  3. Be physical together, not just sexual, but play together, go on walks and hold hands.
  4. Be quick to say, “I am sorry, I was wrong, Please forgive me.”
  5. Take care of yourself, grooming, working out, staying fit.
  6. Make sure you encourage her and allow her to cultivate same sex relationships. Girl time will be so valuable to your relationship and it will definitely make her happy.
  7. Make the coffee, clean the kitchen, help out around the house.
  8. Don’t always delegate discipline of the kids to her.
  9. Take the pressure off when it comes to financial decisions by giving solid input.
  10. Hug and cuddle as an end in themselves.
  11. Tell her she looks great in her clothing.
  12. If she asks for a decision on what to eat give her a decision (i.e. Peas or Carrots?  Just pick one!)
  13. Tell her about some of your fears and ask her to pray for you.
  14. Watch Hallmark movies with her.
  15. Schedule date nights before the month begins.
  16. Schedule family nights before the month begins.
  17. Schedule a time for her to have an extended time of journaling and reflecting (i.e. we call it a DATE with God) before the month begins.
  18. Make goals together before the month begins.
  19. Keep traditions happening and alive around special occasions.
  20. Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  21. Set up epic romantic getaways.
  22. Give her room to soar and celebrate victories as well as comfort in defeat.
  23. Love her in the way she receives love best, not always in the way that is most comfortable to you (i.e. if she loves gifts, give her gifts, if she loves touch, touch her non-sexually, if she loves quality time, do that, if she loves acts of service, clean the bathroom counter).
  24. Put chocolate chips in a bowl of popcorn that you make for her by surprise.
  25. Re-read old love letters together.
  26. Spend time looking through your children’s photo albums and scrapbooks.
  27. Celebrate her creatively for an entire week around her birthday.
  28. Go on a picnic.
  29. Take a nap at a picnic.
  30. Read a book while at a picnic.
  31. Pray together for your kids futures and present days.
  32. Spend a weekend away, pack her bags for her, and surprise her.
  33. Go on a shopping date and give her the privilege of trying on clothes at the store and giving her your opinion.
  34. Dance with her in the kitchen.
  35. Take a dance class.
  36. Go on a date and make art together.
  37. Take her on a dinner and movie date.
  38. Run a half marathon together.
  39. Tell her parents how much you love her and some specific qualities that you love about her.
  40. Tell her friends what you like about her.
  41. Make breakfast for dinner for her.
  42. Stay up and wait for the kids at their curfew.
  43. Lead the kids in devotions before school.
  44. Pray for your kids before they go out the door in the morning.
  45. Send her sweet texts telling her that you are thinking about her throughout the day.
  46. Take her to the Miller Outdoor Theatre or go see her favorite teenage band at a concert.
  47. Finally, and maybe the most important:  DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE LID DOWN.

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