Inward, Outward, Upward, Onward

The Importance of Mission in Designing Purpose

One family ingrained four words in their children’s hearts and minds as they were growing up.





It went something like, be a strong person inwardly, let it show outwardly, honor God upwardly and pursue your goals onwardly.  This is a type of mission statement that gave solid direction to this family.  What is a family mission statement?  Why this chapter is so important?


What is a Family Mission Statement

I like Stephen Covey.  I think he was the first person that I read that got me excited about goals, mission, time management, etc.  He wrote a great deal on developing mission statements.  He said, ” A family mission statement is a combined, unified expression from all family members of what your family is all about.”  A company designs a mission to communicate their “reason for existence.”  See if you can match familiar mission statement mottos with companies.

  1. The happiest place on earth.
  2. Leave the driving to us.
  3. Betcha can’t eat just one.
  4. The taste of a new generation.
  5. A passion for the road.
  6. Get your own box.
  7. Does she or doesn’t she?
  8. Play. Laugh. Grow.
  9. The best a man can get.
  10. Let your fingers do the walking.

Match with- Greyhound, Pepsi, Fisher-Price, Clairol, Yellow Pages, Gillette, Lays, Disney World, Cheez-It, Mazda. (ANSWERS BELOW).

Why is a Mission so Important to You and Your Family?

Many people have trouble deciding what’s right or wrong, and have difficulty making choices as to what they should do. Perhaps one of the reasons is because they grow up without clear values. The foundation of effective decision-making is having a set of real values and a clear mission statement to guide them.

Mission statements are like traditions.  Children will remember them when they get older and when they need to draw on their upbringing.  A mission will reinforce their values and who they really are, and will help them to make positive decisions.


A mission statement is like a compass that guides the course of an individual or a family.  By defining timeless values that do not change, it provides direction for strategies that do change. A mission statement incorporates values and roles (more on this in a future post).  It is actually better to call it a Categorized Mission Statement.

ANSWERS to Mission Mottos

Greyhound (2), Pepsi (4), Fisher-Price (8), Clairol (7), Yellow Pages (10), Gillette (9), Lays (3), Disney World (1), Cheez-It (6), Mazda (5).

Questions- Do you have a mission statement for yourself or your family?  What would you add to the positive reasons for having a mission statement? What other way would you describe the definition of having a mission?

Upcoming Posts- Is there a biblical basis for a mission statement? What is a categorized mission statement?  How does a couple or family design a mission statement?

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