Ministry Scavenger Hunt TIMES SQUARE

Who doesn't love a Scavenger Hunt?

Times Square Scavenger Hunt

  1. Take a Picture of a Wax Figure. (35,000)
  2. Take a Picture of a Duffy Statue. (30,000)
  3. Take a Picture in front of a Broadway Show entrance. (25,000)
  4. Hug a police officer, snap a picture and say thanks.. (20,000)
  5. Interview people from different cultures, get picture if you can. (25,000)
  6. Take a Picture from the top of the bleachers. (10,000)
  7. Ask someone if you can pray for him or her. (25,000)
  8. Take a Picture of a Ray’s Pizza sign. (20,000)
  9. List the number of the Hotels you see. (5,000/hotel)
  10. Take a Picture sampling M&M’s. (10,000)
  11. Take a Picture of the Most Interesting Thing Ever. (Up to 35,000)
  12. A pic of the Hotel Thomas Edison made lights for (30,000)
  13. A pic of the Church that the Broadway actors attend after shows (30,000)

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