Prayer Prompt- June 13- NYFLO

Prayer is the Work of the Ministry.

“Hear my prayer, O LORD, listen to my cry for help.” –Psalm 39:12 (NIV)  “Lord, teach us to pray.” –Luke 11:1  “After Jesus said this, He looked toward heaven and prayed.” –John 17:1  “They all joined together constantly in prayer.” –Acts 1:14  “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” –Ephesians 6:18  “Pray continually.” -1 Thessalonians 5:17

Throughout the Bible, believers are called to pray. But what is prayer? What does it mean to “pray without ceasing?” And does prayer really make a difference? There are so many questions that surround prayer.  Here is a quick list of what prayer is not.

Prayer is not magic. It is not a magic mantra to get what we want.

Prayer does not make demands. God is not going to be raising Verucca Salt’s anytime soon.

Prayer is for our benefit, not God’s. Our good comes out of prayer but God gets the glory.

Prayer is not a guarantee against suffering. We may never be able to pray suffering away but we can ask God to show us how suffering can be a tool for growth and softening of our hearts.

Prayer is not an opportunity for us to show off.  When we pray don’t pray like some do to show off how much they know God.

Pray today for your ministry team to continue to grow in prayer themselves.  One way they will be encouraged to grow in prayer is to be more intentional.  They will be encouraged to set up a prayer calendar (pray for a different person each day of the month).  At 290cc we seek to put into practice the motto, “Prayer is the Work!”

Prayer Prompt- June 12- NYFLO

Prayer is the Work of the Ministry.

Pray for the Spirit to open blinded eyes and that unbelievers would see Christ in all of his glory. Satan blinds the eyes of unbelievers to the truth of the gospel and the glory of Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4-6). It is the Holy Spirit’s role to convict and bring to light the truth and power of the gospel (John 16:8-11). Pray that the Holy Spirit would go ahead of your mission team and prepare the hearts of the lost to respond to Christ and that the Spirit would draw unbelievers to Christ through the preaching of the gospel.

Pray for the team to share often and share clearly.  It is to this end that we have been training, pray that our training takes affect in the heart of a hearer as we share our story, God’s story and invite people to Jesus.  Finally, pray that those on this team will return with a heart to see people as God sees them, to either communicate gospel truths to them or train them in gospel truths.

Prayer Prompt- June 11- NYFLO

Prayer is the Work of the Ministry.

Pray for the spiritual wisdom and loving service of the mission team. One of Paul’s prayers for the Ephesian church was that they would grow in spiritual wisdom and depth of love (Ephesians 3:14-20). Mission team members need an abundance of wisdom and love, and God desires to provide it. Pray that our team members will be abundantly wise and discerning as well as filled with love for those whom they will serve and share with.  I am thinking of those on our team, by this time into our ministry trip, relationships may be strained but with the help of God, our unity will remain strong.

Pray for this team to thoroughly love one another as they spend a great deal of time with each other.  Pray for introverts to get their fill up down time.  Pray for extroverts to understand there are people that are different than they.  Pray for leaders to step up when friction happens.

Ministry Scavenger Hunt TIMES SQUARE

Who doesn't love a Scavenger Hunt?

Times Square Scavenger Hunt

  1. Take a Picture of a Wax Figure. (35,000)
  2. Take a Picture of a Duffy Statue. (30,000)
  3. Take a Picture in front of a Broadway Show entrance. (25,000)
  4. Hug a police officer, snap a picture and say thanks.. (20,000)
  5. Interview people from different cultures, get picture if you can. (25,000)
  6. Take a Picture from the top of the bleachers. (10,000)
  7. Ask someone if you can pray for him or her. (25,000)
  8. Take a Picture of a Ray’s Pizza sign. (20,000)
  9. List the number of the Hotels you see. (5,000/hotel)
  10. Take a Picture sampling M&M’s. (10,000)
  11. Take a Picture of the Most Interesting Thing Ever. (Up to 35,000)
  12. A pic of the Hotel Thomas Edison made lights for (30,000)
  13. A pic of the Church that the Broadway actors attend after shows (30,000)