Prayer is the Work Monday July 11, 2016

Join us in Praying for our Ministry Trip to NYC

One of the Values of 290 Community Church is “Prayer is the Work!”  What we mean by that is prayer is not just a good idea to make us feel good or give us confidence or remove guilt but that prayer is a weapon to unleash God’s resources and power.

As we prepare to minister in NYC, we wanted to develop an attitude of prayer.

Prayer promptsThese prayers are not just for us but for you to pray to.  For your own life, your own situation.  Your ministry is as important as ours.  We don’t mind you piggy backing off of waht we are planning to do.  New York City parks have people in them that maybe searching for answers from crushing issues; likewise your neighborhood, workplace, or place of hobby have folks who are no doubt questioning a lot, especially lately.  Everyday between TODAY and Wednesday, July 20 you will see a simple bold and italicized sentence.   This is your prayer prompt.  Allow this prayer prompt to lead you to pray a simple prayer.

Lord, I pray that You draw ________ to Yourself. (John 6:44) In Jesus name. Amen (a person on the team, a person we meet, a person you know).

What does it mean that God draws someone to Himself?  Are folks in your neighborhood being drawn to God?  Have you ever thought that God maybe drawing a person of peace to you?

Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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