Prayer Prompt- June 10- NYFLO

Prayer is the work of the Ministry.

Pray for the health, safety, and traveling of the mission team. Traveling to mission destinations (Subways and Buses) and encountering new bacteria (NYC culture) can drastically affect the health and strength of mission team participants. Getting sick is just a normal part of travel. But it is a difficult barrier for the sick one.  There is precedent for praying for the health and safety of mission teams in travel. Acts 27 records the storm at sea and shipwreck of Paul and his captors. Yet Paul prayed, and God protected all on the ship (Acts 27:24). Pray that your teams will experience safe travel and health protection while on the mission trip.


Pray for the NYFLO team to stay healthy through the strenuous schedule.  Stay safe in and around subway platforms and NYC roads.  Why?  Not only for us but for God’s glory and the spread of Kingdom.

Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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