Prayer Prompt- June 14- NYFLO

Prayer is the Work of the Ministry.

Welcome to my world. Here’s what it looks like:

  • not everyone is married, some are divorced, some are remarried, a couple took advantage of the recent law on gay marriage;
  •  my neighbors seem to have everything—big houses, nice cars, nice looking kids;
  • the guy sitting next to me at Starbucks has a visa to study and make his dreams come true.  In fact, I live in the most diverse city in the US;
  • the girl who plays on my team with whom I am pursuing a friendship, she comes from a broken home;
  • Some middle-aged men and women are in the process of watching their parents age and finish their lives:

My neighborhood has a little bit of everything.  The international.  The atheist. The mocker. The scoffer. The intellectual. The ignorant.  Rich and poor. These are people that need Jesus. These are the people that we have been called to reach. They are my mission field.

What does your mission field look like? I’m sure the faces are different, but the state of their soul before God is not.

Pray for each person on the team to join the mission of God.  You could pray these exact words, “PRAY THAT EACH ONE REACH ONE AND DISCIPLE THAT ONE TO BECOME A DISCIPLER.”

Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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