Sunday Morning Reflections 6.21.2015

Happy Fathers and Fathered Day Edition

Awesome night of sharing last night.  I think it will be loaded onto the website and iTunes soon.  I did like the new set up and we will do it again next week to see if it works for a Gathering that has a preaching time in it.

Happy Father’s Day…it is not happy for everyone due to having a bad dad growing up.  You may not have known your dad much or about his background. Most dads want to do their best but they lacked the resources given to them.  Other dads are so nervous about not getting it wrong they simply are paralyzed. If you have a chance may I suggest you ask your dad these simple questions:

1.  Tell me a little bit about your dad? Was he a good man? Did you guys get along? Same questions for his mom?
2. Did you know that your parents loved one another?
3.  Did your parents easily verbalize their love for you?  Did you remember many hugs and kisses or was it more of a physical commitment, not talking abuse here at all, but the emotional connection was lacking however their was a strong commitment to you nonetheless.


Here’s a picture of my Dad…I love this guy.


I love it when he grandFather’s my boys.

As children we are created to be cared for and hugged and love.  Where that is lacking it can be replaced by God’s love but the Father hole will always be there.

It will never be too late to seek connection with your daddy.  I’m thankful for my Dad in so many ways. As I write this I remember having that talk with him as a young 22 or year old.  The answers revealed so much.  My love and respect for him sky rocketed.  There’s nothing like a connection with your Dad.  I guess that is why I grieve when I know it is lacking in some men.  But if it lacks we have a Father in heaven that loves us deeply.  1 John 3:1 says, “behold what love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called sons of God.”  SO HAPPY FATHERED DAY!

I am very excited about the Equipped series.  If you missed any in the series please go listen to them at our iTunes account. Just go to the iTunes Store and search under Podcasts 290 Community Church.

I think I’ll be watching golf today.

Please host a Rock the Block ministry in your neighborhood.  It is a great way to minister to kids and their families.  There will be a June 27 training just before The Gathering.


Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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