You Asked For It?

A New Series at 290 Community Church

Earthquakes. Famine. Wars. Lawlessness. The world is getting crazier the longer I’m alive. Just today a Priest in France was beheaded by ISIS and the President of France has said officially or not, “We are at WAR with ISIS.”  These days are pregnant with fear and anticipation.


Many are simply curious about what the future holds. Some have some good ideas on what the Bible calls “The Signs of the Times” and “The Last Days.” NEWSFLASH- these are it; we are living in the last days. Just about every generation since the New Testament was written has thought the same. Some Christians are fascinated by the mysteries and symbols found in Revelation and love to unravel their secrets. When will the Rapture take place? What is the Tribulation? And Armageddon, wow, what is that? Still others look at the clues in Revelation not from a future perspective because that might lead us away from our main calling.

What’s the proper approach? What should we know about the end times, and what, if anything, should we do to live out our faith in the midst of these turbulent times? We are starting a series at 290 Community Church this Saturday night called, “You Asked For It.” It is a six-week series. The first three weeks deal with the End Times and the last three weeks deal with the Biblical truths surrounding Sin, Salvation, and Heaven.

Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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