A Mission that Fits (pt.3)

Exploring Phrases by Voting with Sticky Dots

The problem with Designing Purpose is not in not having any ideas or content to draw from, it is having too much.  Too many phrases.  Too many values.  One of my professors used to say about writing and preaching, “Ya gotta have the guts to cut.”  This is the phase in writing your Family Mission Statement that takes guts.  This can be easily completed by having another family meeting and give everyone sticky dots.  Sticky dots are amazing.


Sticky dots have so many uses.  Meta planning or getting all of the ideas out on a table or on a large piece of paper for all to see and then giving everyone an equal amount of votes can be done with sticky dots.  Of course, who doesn’t want to have a family game night where you try and stick the most dots on each other’s face?

Tools Needed:  Butcher paper, Markers, Sticky Dots, Willing participants.Sticky dot voting 4

Pick 10-12 of your most favorite value ideas and phrases that you think represent your family well.  Write them down on cards or butcher paper.  Here is the fun part:  Give everyone 10 dots and let them vote on what they think are the best ideas or values that they want to have representing their family.  A person can put one dot on 10 different values or 10 dots on one specific value or anywhere in between.  Once that is completed, the family can step back and see themes and trends.  It doesn’t take long at all.  The only caveat is to give everyone the freedom to think independently.  There is always 1 domineering person that has a hard time not talking during the voting process and seeking to sway the vote.  Nip that in the bud.

HOMEWORK- Go by Sticky Dots and have fun voting on things.  Get some practice for the big meeting where your family votes on the guts of your Family Mission Statement. Designing Purpose IS NOT BORING!



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