Day 1 at the Great Lawn.

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Brad & Camilla Sharing

Brad & Camilla sharing about the conversation in the park today.  Sophie and Camilla did a great job of simply sitting down and starting a conversation.  That is the key, just start something is all.  Way to go girls.

From Scott, Joel, and Sam

Scott Bronstad

Zach Jones and I prayed for guidance and then started walking until we wandered around the baseball fields and sat down on a shady bench. After a bit I commented on how hot it was… and the guy sitting on the bench next to us said it was even hotter the day before (it was!). His name was Balden and he currently lives in Queens but was originally from Tibet. We found out he was a Buddhist monk for 8 years! He talked a lot about Buddha, the Dalai Lama… actually he talked probably 95% of the time. I got an opportunity to share with him the major difference between most religions and Christianity– that we believe that our good works cannot outweigh even one bad work, because God is Holy. From his reaction, I could see he’d never heard that before.  

So there were some moments when we were able to “sow seeds” but I didn’t get an opportunity to share the whole good news… but at the end we parted friends, and he commented that it was a good conversation.

Zach said that he thought Balden was a “man of peace” because he received us so warmly… perhaps he was! What a great first day… God is so kind… Thank you God!

Joel Frederick

As our first day in NYC wraps up, I feel physically spent but spiritually full. It is a weird juxtaposition, but when you think about it those things often go hand-in-hand; as we decrease, He is able to increase (John 3:30). We had the opportunity and joy of walking and talking to people in Central Park today. One of the people that Sam and I talked to was named Dan. He was very friendly and willing to talk which was encouraging; he even asked questions when my partner, Sam, asked him about who Jesus was and what He meant! Dan, however, hinted and believed that there are many ways to Jesus and that Jesus is everywhere. We tried to speak to him about what the Bible says when it talks about not only Jesus being the way to the Father, but also about how He has sent us the Holy Spirit. Dan was standoffish about who Jesus was and didn’t want to come to a place where he could accept Him. I sensed a real uncertainty in this man’s speech and life that he was unwilling to share about. Pray for this man: that as he continues to seek truth, that the Truth will be revealed to him and that he will accept it. Although he didn’t want to believe in Jesus, it was encouraging and spiritually uplifting to see the joy and questions that we asked each other and the amount of enthusiastic participation that our group had in witnessing to those people in this city. Please continue to pray for the hearts of those that we meet as well as continued unity in making disciples! Thanks for your prayers and support!

Blessings and Peace

Sam Walls

I started my day with a weary attitude. I wasn’t expecting to have a bad day but not a great one which it turned out to be. I had a great time talking to my new friend Dan with Joel and it really opened my eyes to the whole experience. I witnessed Joel ask questions and answer questions with much insight. Just before we had gone to a tasty pizza shop and finished by getting beef a small parlor. Everywhere I went I didn’t feel lonely at all even though I was coming along and had a great time talking with my friends while we walked from place to place. Everywhere I went everyone seemed very friendly whether it be someone on the trip or just someone walking on the street. Another plus is the life that New York has! You can feel it everywhere you go even if it is just another run down Chinese restaurant. I can’t imagine someone getting bored in such an activity filled city. Thanks to everyone for making the trip special. 

Random Pics

Allison and the Girls Scott, Ethan, and Balden Sophie and Camilla My friend Fernando


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