Day 5 Recap- A Day of Prayer!

A.C.T.S Prayer Time

Spending a great deal of time in prayer is somewhat difficult for many of us while others have experience in longer times of prayer.  Prayer is like a spiritual muscle, the more one uses it the stronger one gets.  I remember in high school how difficult bench pressing 135 pounds was but before I left high school it was very easy.  Now 135 is warm up weight.  Prayer is a lot like that.  For someone to spend 2-3 hours in prayer may seem like a ton of weight but if practiced from time to time, the weight actually becomes easier each time you work out that muscle.

Today we worked our prayer muscles.  We went through an acrostic that helped guide our time.  A.C.T.S- Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.  We spent the majority of the time in worship and praise of God.  We practiced thanksgiving and spent some time in asking God for help and sharing our short comings.  Finally, we prayed for 290 Community Church and for those who maybe far from God and those who are close to God.

Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk

We walked about 1 mile on a prayer walk through the streets of New York.  Prayer Walking can  be practiced anywhere.  Consider these ideas for your own prayer walk in Houston:

Attitudes of Prayer Walking-

Realize that we Prayer Walk before the throne in an attitude of worship. Exalting Jesus from the very place where we stand and walk (Look for things that HONOR GOD and worship God for those things).

We Prayer Walk amidst evil powers (Look for things that are more DARK than HONORING and pray that God opens eyes to God’s love and light).

We Prayer Walk around people so pray that God blesses them and opens their eyes and hearts to knowing God more fully (Pray that salvation spring up from the ground or that God would rend the heavens and come down).

Sources of Insight-

We can get insights for Prayer Walking through impressions that come by way of our natural senses. The Holy Spirit will use sights, sounds, and smells to flood your awareness and prayers with significance (Look for signs, posters, graffiti, carvings, statues, buildings, etc. that give you ideas of things for which to pray).

We can receive spiritual insight from the Lord.  As we are sensitive to Him, He can lead you to urgency for prayer.  Sometimes we meet with the Lord in the morning and God reminds us of the need for prayer in the afternoon (Look for ways to recall what God is teaching you and pray that for others).

Aids to Prayer Walking-

Pray Scripture.  Make sure to always have the Bible on hand during a Prayer Walk.

Pray in Obedience.  Be sensitive to God.  Be willing to be act as an answer to the prayer you have just given.

Praise and Focus on Jesus.  Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.”

Hang in there.  Don’t quit too early.  Practice Prayer Walking often.  We are in a spiritual battle.
One of the awesome things that happens in the hearts of those who consistently Prayer Walk is that they find their heart becomes committed to the places for which they have prayed.  The result is Spirit-filled acts of compassion and gospel proclamation.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

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