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These men are jumping walls and getting to the place where living for God is not a just a program but a lifestyle.  We are learning that this is not just for a week of ministry in NYC, but we are preparing for a lifetime of service and Kingdom building.  It is our prayer that we can be equipped to Make Disciples that Make Disciples.


Jeff King Shares About His Day

From their own perspectives…

Chris Faulkner

Today was a great day of breaking down barriers, pushing boundaries, and making myself comfortable by getting outside my comfort zone. I’m at ease making conversation; it’s literally my job. Transitioning to a spiritual topic and sharing the gospel can be uncomfortable, but practice makes it natural. Three more days of practice should make this first nature.

Jose Matos

Today we had the privilege of serving God by evangelizing in Central Park. We met people that were answers to our prayers and receptive to our conversations. With God’s guidance, we initiated and engaged with strangers in ways we never would have had the courage to before. We look forward to tomorrow’s opportunities to serve and strengthen the spirit.


Joel Frederick

Saturday was all about breaking down barriers; those of fear, of embarrassment, of “not being qualified.” It was a day of putting into practice all that we had been building toward these last months. It was a day to let the Spirit move through us reaching those in Central Park, as we engaged in conversation and handed water bottles to those in need. Scott and I had the amazing opportunity to speak to several people from Germany visiting here in NYC. The Holy Spirit even blessed me with the chance to share my testimony of how Jesus guided me through depression into a realization of what it truly meant to live a life for Him; and one of the guys we met was shocked that this affected me this way! I was able to continue in a spiritual discussion with this man, and even though He didn’t want to listen much after that, what an honor it was to be used by my Lord to make His name praised! May all my interactions be used as such!

Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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