June 14- Prayer is the Work Prayer!

I ask you, Lord, to prevent Satan from blinding _______ to the truth. (2 Cor 4:4, 2 Tim 2:25, 26) In Jesus name. Amen.

Lord allow __________ to have a pure heart, a good conscience, and sincere faith (1 Tim. 1:5). In Jesus name, Amen.

Who do you know that seems to be blinded for some reason?  Blinded because of the poor choices they are making.  Blinded because of being consumed with their kids, sports, education, job, family, instead of Jesus?  I was  just Facebook Messaging (is that a verb?) with a person today who is worried for a family member who is really making poor choices in their life.

Sometimes we get so incredibly distracted from knowing God intimately because we have a broken conscience which leads to masks and insincerity of faith.


Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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