NYFLO here we GO!

290 Community Church exists to exalt Christ by making disciples that make disciples.

Can you imagine if we knew all there was to know about Jesus’ commands but never really did anything about them?  Craziness!  Yet the number 2 reason why people don’t make disciples is because they don’t think they know how to do it.  What if you could be trained to not only understand how God’s Kingdom works, how to share your story and God’s story, immediately assist a new believer, give long-term assistance to any believer, and finally to teach believers how to multiply their faith…would you sign up?

The vision at 290 Community Church is to Drink Deep of Christ, Flow to Others from Neighborhood to Nations.

The closer we get to knowing God the more readily we will be to make disciples.  People who are empty can’t give much but if one is full from Drinking in knowing God more and His word, the Flowing will be there.  But it won’t happen without intentionally meeting your fears and figuring out a plan.

Check out these two videos:

Lead Pastor 290 Community Church