Prayer is the Work Tuesday July 12, 2016

Join us in Praying for our Ministry Trip to NYC

“The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.” Andrew Murray

It is Tuesday and we are leaving in just three days.  The word of God is so important.  No one can know God or grow in God without the word of God.  Today that is the focus of our prayer, the Word of God.

Lord, I pray that _______ hear and believe the Word of God for what it really is (I Thess 2:13).  In Jesus name. Amen.


Who do you know that is struggling to believe the word of God?  Pray for them and pray for us to encounter folks in the parks in NYC to believe the Word of God.  We are calling them People of Peace.  Who do you know that needs prayer to be actively excited to see people come to Christ (how about your desire to see people near you?)?  Pray for us as well.  We have not prepared and trained for a week long trip but for a life time of ministry for the LORD.

Lead Pastor 290 Community Church

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