Sunday Reflections 7.5.2015

Concerning 290 CC, Rock the Block, Yorkmont Fireworks, and USA World Cup Finals.

I love Sunday’s sleeping in and cleaning and relaxing.  I love when I get to be with people at one of our Life Group meetings.  The name Life Group comes from the idea of doing life together.  We did life together yesterday at our Fourth of July Picnic.


Great Time at the Picnic.

Brooklyn White was crushing the wiffle ball, the brisket Loooonnnngggg smoked by Glen and Lynda was awesome, the shade was great, Robin Walls is awesome for the creativity behind the picnic, however, I counted her “star” blueberries she had 80 blueberries on her amazing patriotic flag pie.  I think she may have either vision of countries being annexed by the US or several states splitting and making 2 separate states.  Loved seeing everyone out and mingling.  Missed some folks that were traveling and others who had family visiting.  I was reflecting how important these kinds of hang outs are so important to us as a family of believers.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 6.37.30 PM Rock the Block coming to Yorkmont Drive and other Neighborhoods.

Rock the Blocks are happening in three different neighborhoods around Cypress in the coming weeks. Sure hope they are a blast and help us build great relationships around us.  I understand that teens will be heavily involved. To be honest, that was my full intent, I just didn’t press it the first year.  I love how a plan comes together.

Who Doesn’t Love Fireworks?Fireworks Stands

Love fireworks! Which is your favorite?  I like the bright ones that spray sparks everywhere and the ones called Patriots that shoot up hundreds of little- pew-pew-pew-pew rockets.  I wondered last night what it would be like if everyone in Coles Crossing, for instance, took their fireworks down to the soccer fields and let them off there while folks sat on blankets and chairs around the soccer fields.  I think the Chinese were pretty brilliant in thinking up fireworks.  I do love our street and the fun we have every year.

11109005_987254007953085_613127016487196069_nEquipped Series

I am pumped about this series for several reasons.  First, it shows how God’s Kingdom Grows by using people rather than focusing solely on programs.  It is reproducible and simple.  Anyone can learn how to be equipped and to equip another person.  Our Mission at 290 CC is to exalt Christ by making disciples that make disciples.  This equipped series is a big vision, a real path toward’s seeing our mission come to life.  It expects obedience as part of the discipleship process, it honors accountability and challenges any follower of Jesus to say, “I must decrease and He must increase.”

GO USA Women’s

Go USA vs. Japan today in World Cup women’s soccer.  The US women have revenge in mind after losing to Japan in the finals of 2011 from Penalty Kicks.  The US won the gold in the Olympics but it is the World Cup that shows world-wide dominance.  Our ladies led by speedster Alex Morgan and veteran Abby Wombach along with a slew of quality athletes will do an amazing job.  Japan is flawless on the offensive side of the ball but the American’s will show what true grit is made of.  PREDICTION:  USA wins 2-1.

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