Sunday Reflections 8.2.2015

Jesus picking fights and Making himself out to be God.

Loved the Gathering last night.  Here are some highlights from John 5:1-16:

  1. Jesus is always on the offense.  He never is sitting on a rocking chair nervously wondering how to carry out His mission.
  2. If we see Jesus the way John sees Jesus, it will change everything.
  3. Sometimes we want the phenomenal hope so rather than true hope fulfillment from Jesus.
  4. 38 years is a long time to wait for anything…
  5. St. Augustine said, “Give me chastity and continency only not yet!”
  6. Obedience is not burdensome…Obedience is freedom.
  7. Jesus was picking a fight.  He is not your Hallmark Precious Moments Jesus…he is the Rambo, William Wallace Jesus.
  8. Jesus picked the man and the day that would cut right to the jugular of Judaism.
  9. The reason the winds of persecution started to rise is Jesus was making himself out to be God.  Persecution in our day can be avoided by simply leaving Jesus alone.
  10. GO GET THE BOOK, “THE INSANITY OF GOD!”  A solid book that will truly inspire you.  Click on this link in order to read the post I wrote about it.


The problem with the Precious Moments Jesus collection is not that it is really cute and cuddly but that it doesn’t always render the best picture of who Jesus is. Exodus 15:3 describes the Lord as a man of war or a warrior and that is his name, in other words, that is his character.  In John we see Jesus taking on the religious establishment.  He is always on the offense never on the defense, always on mission, never passive.  Nothing takes him by surprise.  This should give us great comfort.  We have a King that goes ahead of us.  He wants to leave no room for doubt or confusion about knowing Him and making Him known.

Obedience is not a burden.  Here is a picture of Seth on my back.  We think that obedience and following Jesus is alot like this picture.  Your mom says something to you to do and you say, “Come on get off my back!”  Temptation arises and like St. Augustine we say, “I want to be pure but NOT YET!”  There is nothing more clear than what John says in 1 John 5:3, “this is love for God that we keep His commandments and his commandments are not burdensome.”  Wow!  I look pretty intense in this shot, thanks to Joan Jones for getting this on the fly.


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