Sunday Reflections 8.23.3015

Bread of Life, Baptisms, and Football Season.

Last night was a blessing.  For those who feel inadequate and small and insignificant, John 6 has wind for your wings, water for your soul, and motivation for your ministry.  Great story that finds its place in all four Gospels.  Only this story and the crucifixion and resurrection are in all four Gospels.  So this is huge.  It is huge because Jesus  is always on mission, always on the offense.  His mission is to spread His fame everywhere.  There will be thousands who see an incredible sign in this story.  Here are the principles from last night:

  1. Jesus is not just the bread that satisfies our stomachs, he is Bread that satisfies our souls.
  1. Jesus does not want to be USEFUL JESUS but wants to be LOVED BY US JESUS.
  1. Jesus can use what little we have to offer to abundantly meet the needs of others.


Here are my takeaways:

  • Joel did a great job at hosting.  What a blessing to have so many that want to stand up and contribute.
  • Cody’s desire to stand and share how God has impressed upon him the need to bring Him glory was fantastic.
  • Always love our times of communion and worship, thanks to all serve and support The Gathering.
  • The message truly burned deep in my heart and mind.  You remember the 3 Lessons that were given?
    • People are needy.
    • We are inadequate to meet those needs on our own.
    • Jesus can meet needs with or without us.

As always Messages from the Gathering can be listened to at either our website here or you can subscribe to our iTunes Podcast account.


I’m pumped by our baptism time.

Love that we had four folks come forward and say, “I want to be on God’s team and be identified as that.”  I told my son it is sorta like wearing your team’s jersey onto the field and representing your team.  Baptism is just like that.  We represent Jesus.

One little boy asked his Pastor when he could be “advertised” obviously meaning baptized but in reality, baptism is nothing more than an advertisement showcasing an inward change.

There is nothing special about the water.  Baptism does not cleanse us of sin, only Jesus does that.  Baptism is a step of obedience.

If you want to be baptized moving forward at 290 Community Church, please contact your Life Group leader.


Who is not excited about High School Football?  College Football? and Pro Football?

I love this time of year.  The only thing missing is FALL Weather.  I’ve lived in Houston for many years and am still not used to having over 100 degree temps late into Fall and in September.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections 8.23.3015

  1. Just had a thought. In your point “Jesus does not want to be USEFUL JESUS but wants to be LOVED BY US JESUS.” So true but also a different version regarding believers is true as well! “Jesus does not want us (His people) to be Useful People but to be Loved By Jesus People.” When we know we are loved by Him we will be useful but I am learning what it is like to simply be a Loved By Jesus Person lately. When you know you are loved by Jesus everything changes!

    • Love covers a ton Loribeth. I totally agree. Love is obedience. Love is empowering. Love it fulfilling. Love is attractive. Love is fear crushing. Thanks for your comment.