Tucked or Untucked: That is the question?

Poll of the Day- what looks better?

I am guessing that in some places you must tuck in, like at some work places and perhaps at weddings or other places but when there is not a rule and the dress code is not enforced, what looks better?  We had the discussion on a subway ride and wanted to see what others thought.  Is it a generation thing much like the Social Media Poll? (you can go there and vote still).  What if you are a little thicker in the mid section?  What if your shirt never stays in?  So many questions, enjoy the poll.

There are several videos and articles on this topic of tucked or not tucked.


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One thought on “Tucked or Untucked: That is the question?

  1. As to Tucked or Untucked, my Southern Gentleman upbringing tells me that my shirt is always tucked unless it has a square bottom, and can be left untucked. In our current chaotic men’s fashion climate, I think younger men with flat stomachs look pretty good tucked or untucked. Old guys like me who are fighting the tummy bulge should probably stick with tucked, looks neater. Really heavy men need to go ahead and go with square bottomed shirts. I would recommend never wearing a untucked shirt with tails under a sportcoat unless you are really cool and have no body fat. Enough.